Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit

There are many phrases that quickly send even the calmest of parents into a frenzy. “I want to quit” ranks up there for many of us. It doesn’t matter how old they are, the scenario runs pretty much the same. They go to practice or the game or match and are a little sullen after. … Continued

On-the-Go Eats You and Your Kids Will Love

Odds are that you’ve already kicked off 2020 with plenty of promises and intentions to carry through the year with a happier, healthier family. Keep your kids – and yourself – running at your peak with healthy eats, no matter how on the go your life may be. 1. Deli wrap-ups – Deli meat has … Continued


Today’s lifestyles are sedentary compared to those of our ancestors who were busy hunting and gathering. We spend time sitting in front of computers, driving in cars, and watching our televisions, so many of us need to plan our daily physical exercise. By sticking with those fitness plans, we can increase the number of years … Continued

Keep Yourself Fit To Avoid Injuries

Some trainers believe in the common saying ‘No pain, no gain’. Whenever you start a new fitness routine you may feel a little discomfort. At most it will last for the first few days. This pain is a natural warning sign. There’s nothing to worry about but you should pay attention to it. You can … Continued

3 Fitness Goal Questions

3 Questions to Ask Yourself when Setting a Fitness Goal by Patrick Wood, ATC, CSCS One of the hardest questions to answer in fitness is, “What’s next?” The first step in figuring out this complicated and challenging question is to decide on your goal. For some, it might be training for a specific sport, adding … Continued

Lean Protein

It’s Mean, It’s Lean, It’s Protein Putting the power in your workout hour. You see it everywhere. It’s poking around in the back yard, it’s treading through your local lake, it’s floating around the sky above. It swims, it walks, it crawls, if flies, it does all of the above. It’s your protein source. This … Continued