Join us for our 1st Nerf Battles Tournament here at Cheer Destiny!

NERF TOURNAMENT!! Each brigade (team) consist of up to 6 players. It is up to the brigade how many members they choose to play with. Brigades will not be matched up by the number of players, so a brigade of 4 should prepare to play against a brigade of up to 6. Each player will get 2 lives per game. A designated “medic” will bring a player back to life one time after they are shot. Two referees will be available for each match, but total honesty is expected. Any member caught cheating will be removed from the game. Referees will make a ruling on any questionable plays. The referees’ call will be the final ruling. 

Individual Registrations: Approximately one week out from the tournament, individuals will be emailed with the name of their team and the color of shirt they are required to wear to the tournament. Ages will be accommodated when possible to make teams as even as possible.

Team Registrations: After registration, teams must send their team name to along with a roster of all team members’ names and ages. The deadline to send information is April 21st. Teams may replace members after this date, but must send notification to ensure rosters are correct. Teams will be sent a color that will designate them as a “team” during the tournament.

Tournament Play: This is a double-elimination bracket tournament. A single trophy will be given to the winning team. A full set of rules will be emailed approximately one week from the date of registration. All members are required to read the rules prior to the event. A waiver is required for each participant. Standard Nerf bullets and eye protection will be provided by Cheer Destiny. It is the responsibility of the participant to bring Nerf weapon(s)


Nerf Battles Tournament Registration

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